We welcome requests for virtual programs from communities that provide housing to the aging population in Iowa and Iowa Senior Centers.  

Because these are live, virtual programs, we require your group to provide the following: 

  • A stable internet connection for participating in a live program on Zoom. 
  • A central large screen/projection or individual screens connected to the internet for participants to watch. 
  • A web cam and a microphone so that we can hear and see participants through Zoom.
  • Speakers are helpful so that participants can more clearly hear us. This will help us and the participants with engagement.
  • Microphones should not be muted, and camera(s) should be facing residents so that we can see their faces. This helps with engagement since they will be seeing us as well. 
  • A staff member must stay in the room during programming to help with set-up and questions during the program. It is often difficult for us to hear participants who are sharing one microphone or see raised hands from participants who are sharing one camera, so we rely on staff to help us with engagement. 

For programs when participants are in their rooms or at home:

We will go over program guidelines at the beginning of each program, including mute/unmute and program layout.


We’re happy to discuss technology and options ahead of scheduling. If you are unsure your tech set-up will support a virtual program with live engagement between us and your participants, please email the program coordinator listed in the Virtual Presentation Catalog so they can brainstorm and address possible options.

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